Au contraire.  Step right up there and make the right decision.  
Based on your expertise, you as a NACO participant should have the 
knowledge to make that determination.   LC is the only does the 
"physical" deletion.  Any NACO can (and should) make the decision about 
which heading should be retained; transfer any useful information from 
the record being deleted to the record to be retained; notify the LC 
liaison; and move on.


A. Ralph Papakhian wrote:
> hi,
> isn't there a problem with this kind of note? it has been my
> impression that the folks at LC would be responsible for
> deciding, in the case of duplicates, which record to retain, and which 
> to delete. if that's true, then the note may be erroneous until
> the deletion/merging has been accomplished. nicht wahr?
> --r
> --always moving forward
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