In answer to Hal Cain's question, thus far we have not considered classification to be part of our charge, because it has traditionally been considered a local decision.   I'm not sure how the PCC could address the issue.  But if others have  more to say on this, just let us know.   Thanks to everybody who has written so far.   Below is a post that was sent to me personally because of technical difficulties with the list.  --Amy

At University of Chicago , we continue to create series authority
records as part of our regular original cataloging and last year we
created 679 series records. Many of our public services staff have
expressed a need to continue series authority work as a benefit for our
users as well as an aid to selection. We use Backstage’s MARS processing
for post-cataloging authority work, and that checks 490s against the LC
NAF, and flips them to 440s or creates 830s as necessary. We also get
reports of unmatched 490s from Backstage. Additionally, Chicago receives
a custom report of series 440s that either do not have a corresponding
LC authority record or for which the LC decision is “not traced”. These
and the unmatched 490s are checked against the local database, both to
verify that any changes are correct and to locate any pre-MARS records
for which the tracings need to be changed. The custom report can be
dealt with in about an hour, but the unmatched 490s are embedded in a
more general report and so take longer to resolve.

Pat Williams
Head, Monographic Original Cataloging Section
University of Chicago Library


Janet Fox
Head, Database Management and Copy Cataloging Section
University of Chicago Library

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Re: [PCCLIST] Seeking information on series practice

Amy H Turner wrote:
> In a month or so, the PCC Ad Hoc Series Review Task Force will post a
> discussion paper on the future of PCC series authority control.   At
> this point, we would like to hear from PCC libraries about their current
> practices.  We would also appreciate any information on studies that
> have been done on how series are used (by both library staff and by
> other users), costs of series authority control, etc.

The second aspect of LC's abandonment of series control is
classification -- analyze in full and class separately is (with limited
exceptions) the rule for materials previously brought together under
series control, see

What effect is this change having?  Shouldn't this too be considered by
the Task Force?

Hal Cain
Dalton McCaughey Library
Parkville, Victoria, Australia
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