Announcement on Newer MARC 21 Characters in NACO Records


            Plans for implementing some of the newer MARC 21 characters have been agreed to by the NACO nodes (British Library, Library of Congress, National Library of Medicine, OCLC, Inc.).  As of Oct. 22, 2007 the following characters will be allowed in records contributed to the LC/NACO Authority File (see the code tables at for encoding information):


Spacing underscore 

Spacing grave

Opening curly bracket

Closing curly bracket

Spacing tilde

Degree sign

Lower case script L

Phono copyright mark

Copyright mark


Inverted question mark

Inverted exclamation mark   


Implementation of a few other newer characters is deferred at this time—separate announcements will be made when they may be used: 

Eszett  (continue to use “ss” per LCRI 1.0E)


Spacing circumflex


The Library of Congress will work with OCLC, Inc. with regard to identifying and converting existing NACO records using the number sign for the musical sharp, and superscript zero for the degree sign. 


Note non-Latin characters may not be used in authority records at this time—a separate announcement will be made when appropriate, no earlier than April 2008.


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