Another way of doing this sort of thing is illustrated by a METS profile
submitted by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign:
(this one has the example).

They use digiProv with premis:event to track the provenance of the 
metadata within the METS document. EventType tells you that it
concerns metadata, e.g. eventType="METADATA_SOURCE". (This is a fragment,
see also the above example).

<digiprovMD ID="APP3_PROV1">
   <mdWrap MDTYPE="PREMIS">
       <event xmlns="">
         <eventDetail> Descriptive metadata was generated from the OCLC
          WAW tool on September 21, 2006. </eventDetail>
         <linkingAgentIdentifier LinkAgentXmlID="APP3_AGENT1">
            <linkingAgentIdentifierValue> mailto:[log in to unmask]
        <linkingAgentIdentifier LinkAgentXmlID="APP3_AGENT3">

 <digiprovMD ID="APP3_AGENT1">
   <mdWrap MDTYPE="PREMIS">
       <agent xmlns="">
            <agentIdentifierValue> mailto:[log in to unmask]
         <agentName>Tom Habing</agentName>

Obviously this is an implementation specific solution outside of the
PREMIS data dictionary. The question is whether the need for source is
something implementation specific, or whether it is "core" preservation
metadata that the data dictionary should address.


On Tue, 16 Oct 2007, Susan Thomas wrote:

> Hi,
> I was wondering whether it would it be possible to add a source 
> attribute to certain container semantic units/elements in the next 
> versions of the premis data dictionary/object xml schema. We'd like to 
> be able to record the names of the tools used to extract particular bits 
> of metadata, as has been done in the Statistics New Zealand Prototype 
> PREMIS Creation Tool ( I 
> realise we could create a local schema to do it, but we'd prefer to use 
> an official one if possible. Would this be useful to others too?
> Best,
> Susan
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