Obviously the source attribute was something  that we found useful and 
that we would also like to see incorporated into the official schema. We 
only added it at the "global" level and found that that was enough for our 
needs at the time. However it might be useful to have it made assignable 
at the individual element level.

Its nice to hear some positive feedback from the other side of the world.

Kind regards,

Euan Cochrane

Statistical Analyst,
Statistics New Zealand
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17/10/2007 01:44 AM
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[PIG] Source attribute for container semantic units in object entity?


I was wondering whether it would it be possible to add a source 
attribute to certain container semantic units/elements in the next 
versions of the premis data dictionary/object xml schema. We'd like to 
be able to record the names of the tools used to extract particular bits 
of metadata, as has been done in the Statistics New Zealand Prototype 
PREMIS Creation Tool ( I 
realise we could create a local schema to do it, but we'd prefer to use 
an official one if possible. Would this be useful to others too?




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