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At 07:40 PM 11/1/2007, Russell D. James wrote:
>So answers to my initial question bring up another query from me. Just what
>is the difference in operation between the two schema and which one is used
>more often than the other?

Relax NG is an ISO standard and W3C Schema as it name indicates is a 
W3C recommendation. Though they largely support the same objectives, 
the two schema standards do reflect some major theoretical 
differences. These are quite complex. The O'Reilly publication Relax 
NG by <>Eric van der Vlist covers 
the differences in detail.

>   Is there a preference?  Why two different

The EAD Schema WG chose to issue the EAD schema in both languages to 
offer a choice to the user community. Both enforce the same set of 
semantic and structural constraints. For schema maintenance purposes, 
the EAD Schema WG chose Relax NG because it is, in the view of the 
technical editor, more elegant and straightforward than W3C schema. 
Transformation from one to the other is possible provided one avoids 
certain features in Relax NG that are either not supported or well 
supported by W3C Schema.

As for which to prefer in deployment, you will find more software 
support for W3C than Relax NG.

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