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Hello list,

I am currently in my last semester of library school, and am enrolled in a
class on archives.  For this class, one of the options for the final project
is to write a research paper.  I have chosen to write mine on online finding
aids, specifically on whether or not archivists are adding functionality to
these in the form of hyperlinks, thumbnail images, etc.  Note that the
format of the online finding aid (whether it's in EAD/XML, or just a plain
text file, etc.) falls outside the scope of the survey.  I am mostly
interested in seeing whether or not the aids are being "updated" in any way
when they're put online.  I would appreciate any responses to this short (10
question) survey linked below, so that my paper will be as accurate as is

The survey is available at
  and a more detailed description at

Thanks in advance for your time in filling out this survey.  If people are
interested, I'll be posting the results to a page on the infomancy site
(listed on the projects page) after the paper is written.

Stewart Baker
MLIS Candidate, University of South Carolina
Digital Library Assistant, Thomas Cooper Library
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