LOL - I actually find LCC infinitely easier to teach than Dewey (but
then LCC is what I use). But I would also think it mandatory to cover it

What I do do is cover just a very small part of the outline (the
cataloging part to be specific) with the idea that the issues they
encounter in one area are not totally dissimilar to the issues they
would encounter in other areas. And then I do a half evening on
literature numbers.

Melodie Morgan Frances
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Graduate Theological Union
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    I have found that Chan, 2nd ed., Chapter 13 is a solid outline for 
introducing LCC in a week and a half. I base my lecture and exercise 
on it. We can't avoid LCC in Illinois on grounds of student interest 
in K-12/public, since Chicago Public is an LCC library!

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>>A question I've been meaning to post for ages -- how do people 
>>teach LCC in their introductory course? Or do you? DDC is at least 
>>manageable, but LCC! We could spend the entire semester just 
>>working on that. I hate to not at least expose the students to it, 
>>but since most of the students are not going to be full-time 
>>catalogers and most will be working in school or public libraries, 
>>at times I wonder if the time wouldn't be better spent going into 
>>greater depth on authority control, DDC, or LCSH.
>>Your thoughts, experiences, suggestions?
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