This reminds me of what we defined the MARC community information format
for, which uses a lot of the MARC bibliographic fields. You could use the
equivalent in MODS for this sort of data, which would mean for a program
you would use <titleInfo><title> for a program name. The subprogram could
be in <subtitle>.

Alternatively you could make a case for using MADS, since this is like an
authoritative form of a name, and consider this a name type=corporate.
Then you could use <namePart> for the main program and repeat it for the
subprogram, subordinately.


On Sun, 11 Nov 2007, [ISO-8859-1] Neil Godfrey wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm constructing a template for research data. I want to make MODS entries
> for each research program and subprogram. 
> The program values look like this:
> "Farm - Research and Innovation - Managing Animal Performance"
> and the subprogram is:
> "Genetics"
> So they look like subject entries, but are in fact identifications of the
> "program" the research is being done for.
> Has anyone done anything with similar types of data with MODS? Where do more
> experienced heads suggest I map research program and research subprogram to
> in a MODS template?
> Many thanks,
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