Somewhat related to this thread, has anyone found a way or developed a 
practice to record non-Gregorian dates in MODS?  It seems as though at 
least a way to identify the calendar from which the date is derived 
would be helpful.

mods:dateOther[@type="[calendar]"]  seems like the only solution right 
now, but it's not a very satisfying one for such a discreet problem.

It looks as though this has also come up with regard to MARC:


Riley, Jenn wrote:
>> Note that we (our office at LC) are trying to work on this problem and
>> come up with some other profile of ISO 8601 that can be used with
>> various
>> XML formats, including MODS and PREMIS. That will include being able to
>> use the basic 8601 format without hyphens, and to deal with
>> questionable,
>> open date ranges, BCE dates, etc.-- and have a name to call these sorts
>> of
>> encodings. We know we can't fix the problems with ISO 8601 but if we
>> can
>> define a different profile and then extend it to accommodate other
>> sorts
>> of dates, we would all benefit.
> That's exactly what I need, as well. Looking forward to it in MODS 4.0. :-)
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