Hi all,

I'm trying to create a MODS template for book reviews, and I can't figure
out a good way to indicate the book that's being reviewed.

In one sense, the book being reviewed is a subject, and one could use
subject/titleInfo, but this doesn't let you say anything else about the
book. My immediate need is just for recording title and author of the
reviewed work, but also including name under subject together with the title
feels wrong somehow. And it doesn't scale to including publication info,

relatedItem seems like a more robust option, but none of the enumerated
types is appropriate for this case. There's a type="isReferencedBy" - how
about adding type="references" in a future version of MODS? This could be
used to record the bibliography of a text, as well.

The only solution I can think of for now is relatedItem without a type, but
with a displayLabel indicating the relationship, but this is of course a
hack. :-) Any other ideas?


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