NLS Operations Alert

no. 07-39          

DATE  : November 14, 2007
TO    : Network Librarians
FROM  : Carolyn H. Sung

Subject :      Download statistics

In the next few days NLS will begin sending the following reports to the network library
e-mail address designated to receive download communications:              
1.   The __Weekly Download Statement__ will list all e-mail messages routed to your
     library during the previous seven days. Every Wednesday evening your library's
     report will be dispatched. Please review the report to ensure that your library
     received all messages listed. Contact your network consultant if you missed any
2.   The __Monthly Download Statistics__ report will be generated on the first calendar
     day of each month and will contain statistics as outlined below.  
a.   Number of readers approved for download during the reporting period
b.   Number of readers who downloaded at least one item during the reporting period
c.   Quantity of book downloads for the reporting period
d.   Quantity of magazine downloads for the reporting period.
e.   Number of network library downloads.
f.   Most popular book numbers downloaded for the reporting period.
g.   Most popular magazines downloaded for the reporting period.
h.   Most popular subjects for books downloaded for the reporting period.
i.  Book numbers and magazine titles of all downloaded items by CMLS patron ID
     for network library "has had" records.

Statistics described in a-h above will include year-to-date totals in addition to the
monthly total. Cumulative reports will begin in December of FY08.          

The total number of approved readers participating in the download pilot should equal
the number of readers with the publications code DDB9 noted in your circulation
system and in CMLS.  Any variances should be corrected or reported to your network
Reports will include network library downloads.  Libraries should track the number of
downloads they make for circulation purposes.  

In April 2008, please be prepared to report your download statistics for the first six
months of the fiscal year (October 2007 through March 2008) in the network database. 
New fields will be provided for the number of readers participating in the download and
the number of downloads for both books and magazines.

Samples of the reports will follow.
For more information contact:

Carolyn H. Sung
Chief, Network Division
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