I don't know if there is a consensus, but I recently did the following:


670 [citation book title], accessed via Google Books, [date of search] :
|b (data found)


I don't know that there is a compelling reason to cite it that way as
opposed to acting as if the book were in hand, but it does document your


Dorothy Auyong

Principal Rare Book Cataloger

Huntington Library

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Subject: [PCCLIST] Google Books citation in authority records?


Pardon me if this has gone by before.  Is there a consensus about how to
cite information from a book being viewed through Google Books?  Is
there any reason to specify that mode of use, as opposed to giving the
citation as though the book was in hand?  I can't think of one, but
opinions welcome.


Mark Scharff, Music Cataloger

Gaylord Music Library

Washington University in St. Louis

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