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Judy Graves

At 10:05 AM 12/11/2007, Judith K. Graves wrote:
>Hi Everyone,
>Here's another program in our series for OPAL (Online Programming for All 
>Libraries).  Please share this with your colleagues.
>Happy Holidays,
>Gifts to the Nation:  American Treasures of the Library of Congress
>These are the gifts of generations past.  They describe the exploits, 
>strivings, accomplishments, and beliefs and attitudes of those who 
>contributed, for better or for worse, to making us who we are as a 
>nation.  They were not given lightly  danger lurked on the high seas or in 
>acts of treason against the King of England; continuing failures preceded 
>ultimate success; the spark of imagination required years of work to come 
>to fruition.
>They are here, at the Library of Congress, and now on display through the 
>Library’s Web site, for all generations, present and future.  Join us as 
>we take you on a journey through a sampling of the more than 250 items 
>that have been selected to represent the treasures that the Library holds.
>When:  Wednesday, December 12, 2:00  3:00 p.m. (Eastern Time), 1:002:00 
>p.m. Central Time
>NOTE:  Allow yourself time to download the small software plugin needed to 
>participate in the conference.  Depending on your network security 
>requirements, you may need assistance from your local technical support 
>group to download and install the plugin.  Actual installation should be 
>very quick, depending on your computer and connectivity.  All that is 
>needed is a computer with an Internet connection, sound card, and 
>speakers.  A microphone will enable you to speak to the group.
>To attend, go to OPAL at  From the Quick Links 
>column on the left, choose Auditorium.
>1.  Click the “Download Here” button in the light blue rectangle in the 
>center of the screen.
>2.  Follow the directions to download and install the plugin.
>3.  Click the link in the orange rectangle to enter the room.
>4.  A gray box will appear with text asking permission to launch an 
>external application, web conference plugin.  When the grayed out text 
>“Launch application” becomes black, click the Launch application button.
>5.  Type your name for the conference and click “Log on” to enter the 
>online conference.
>For more information about upcoming programs, see Online Programming for 
>All Libraries (OPAL) at
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*The statements and opinions herein expressed are my own.*