Hello all, I am resending this message with an important
clarification. I'll also add this reminder to the LC IR report form:

Please note: *Non-LC* bibliographic "m" records should be converted to
bibliographic level "i" records. Program members can do the conversion
themselves or report the record to OCLC for conversion (Robert Bremer
[log in to unmask] or Brenda Block [log in to unmask]). Please do not create an
integrating resource record that duplicates a non-LC bibliographic
"m" record. The form mentioned in the email below is used only to report
bibliographic level "m" records originally created by LC.  

Les Hawkins
CONSER Coordinator
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Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2007 11:57:30 -0500 (EST)
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Subject: Integrating resources update

CONSER and BIBCO members, 

There is now a form available for reporting LC bibliographic level "m"
records for integrating resources. We are asking that you please create or
derive a *new* bib level "i" record for the resource (rather than
converting the existing LC bib level "m" record). Staff here at LC will
use the information reported in the form to delete the LC bib level "m"
record from the CDS monograph distribution flow and report it for deletion
from OCLC.

The form is available from:
Please let me know if you have any questions about using the form.

A group of BIBCO and CONSER catalogers has been formed to work on a
revision of: Integrating Resources: A Cataloging Manual Appendix A of the
BIBCO and soon to be Module 35 of the CONSER Cataloging Manual. This will
be the basic documentation for cataloging integrating resources and we
hope to have at a least a working revision of the document available for
use within the next few weeks. Thanks to those that have volunteered. If
you haven't heard from me and you are interested in participating on this
group, please let me know of your interest in an off-list email.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Les Hawkins
CONSER Coordinator
Library of Congress
v. 202 707-5185
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