To the BIBCO community,  I'll be setting my alarm clock earlier for the Sunday, January 13 BIBCO-at-large meeting.  BIBCO-related issues run from about 8:40 am to 10:30 am that day.
In drafting agendas for the CONSER-at-large and BIBCO-at-large meetings on Sunday morning at ALA Midwinter, Les Hawkins and I try to group reports of interest to both groups into an overlapping time period so that our OCLC representative and the chairs of the PCC Standing Committees may give a report once and inform both groups simultaneously.  Usually, that is during the 9:30 to 10 am time slot, in the same room, of course, thanks to the hospitality of OCLC. 
This year, there are additional items that may hold interest for both groups, including the PCC Series task group's discussion paper, Integrating Resources cataloging issues, and the LC Working Group as it pertains to the PCC.  We've added those issues beginning at 8:40 am, following the CONSER-specific topics.  That's an early call for the BIBCO crowd, but not impossible. 
We're also aware that many of you wish to attend the ALCTS RDA Update from 10:30 to noon, so we wish to handle our BIBCO-specific topics from 10 to 10:30 am.  Happily, the At-Large meetings and the ALCTS RDA Update are in the Convention center--different rooms, but no shuttle bus needed!
Les Hawkins has graciously included the BIBCO items on the draft agenda at this link to serve both CONSER and BIBCO attendees.
Please let me know if you have questions or comments about these plans.  Thanks very much.
Carolyn Sturtevant
BIBCO Coordinator
Library of Congress
202-252-2082 fax
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