Leah Prescott wrote:
> Could the "Voyager" font you see be a font used by the library 
> system Voyager? Are they .doc files? Can you convert from the .rtf 
> files to .txt?

Let us say, they have a .doc extension and can be opened with Word --
which of course doesn't necessarily mean they are actually real
Word documents.  I don't think they came out of the Voyager
library system because Voyager doesn't store inventories,
only MARC records.  I can save it as rtf and it looks fine,
but I still can't get out of rtf into anything plain text.

Kate Bowers wrote:
 > You could try saving the document, in MSWord, as "Plain text."
 > Choose a NEW name for the file.  MSWord may ask you to pick an
 > encoding.

Save as -> plain txt gets me all those little boxes, no matter which 
encoding options I tried. Argh.  Isn't technology supposed to make
our lives EASIER??


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