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To AT users and other interested folks,


Version 1.0.39 (1.1 Release Candidate 4), of the Archivists’  Toolkit 1.1 beta application has been released for team and community testing.  This new version can be acquired at


Over the next two weeks, the AT 1.1 (RC4) will be comprehensively tested by the AT team against the three backends supported by the AT application:  MySQL, MS SQL Server, and Oracle.  The team will also be testing RC4 against the MS Vista platform. 


We invite all interested persons, especially persons using the MS Vista platform, to participate in this testing.  Instructions for  organizing testing and submitting test results are located at the bottom of the AT 1.1 beta web page:


The 1.1 beta public sandbox, for which the connection settings are listed at, has been upgraded to work with AT 1.1 (RC4).  As a consequence, the sandbox will not work with earlier versions of the AT 1.1 beta.   


AT 1.1 will be released shortly after successful testing of the Release Candidate 4.  If testing exposes a fatal bug, the bug will be fixed and another release candidate will be prepared for testing.


We would like to thank everybody in advance for assisting with this testing process and for your patience with the development of the AT 1.1 version. 


Brad Westbrook

AT Project Manager