(apologies for cross-posting)

I have encountered several inventories which appear to be in Word
format, but whenever I try to get them out of word format (select all
and copy it to a text file, for example. or save as .txt), all the text
turns into little tiny squares.  In Word, it looks like some flavor of
Courier font; in the font box it displays "Voyager" which is not a font
I recognize (there IS a voyager font, see, but it's very Star
Trek-y and this doesn't look anything like it).  If in the Word doc I
select all and change it to Times Roman or similar, it also changes all
the text to little boxes.  I can save it as rtf with no problem (but it
doesn't *solve* the problem either).  I have several of these
inventories (some quite long) that need conversion to EAD, and I'd like
very much to get this data out in a plain text format.  They *may* have
come from our years-ago system which was a Wang.  

This is a new one on me, and I thought I'd seen everything.  Anyone have
thoughts on this?


Michele Combs.
Librarian for Manuscripts and Archives Processing.
Special Collections Research Center.
Syracuse University Library.
222 Waverly Avenue.
Syracuse, NY   13244