New offering from FEDLINK Vendor--GalleryWatch-- "GW" and a free trial
of their Briefing Room Service.

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>>> "Patrick Riendeau" <[log in to unmask]> 12/12/07 4:23 PM
The Roll Call Group is proud to announce the release of our new
Briefing Room Service.  Each Briefing Room provides daily briefs and
periodic updates from an analyst on major policy topics with access to
Congressional activity, relevant documents, and news. 
Briefing Rooms cover the topics of:
Energy/Environment, Defense, Health, Foreign Policy/Trade and Homeland
 Attached, please find a full description of the service as well
as samples.

Forget about multiple subscriptions, Web sites or databases. Roll
Briefing Room provides a one-stop-shop for analysis, documents and news
on the policy issues that matter to you. Let Briefing Room*s team of
top-notch policy analysts brings you accessible, consolidated
information that helps you connect content to context.

Each Briefing Room is run by a dedicated policy analyst whose daily
postings and e-mail alerts keep you on top of the major topics you
track. From historical documents to the latest information, your analyst
provides all the essentials to help you connect the dots between the
policies and activities that shape your issue.

Briefing Room*s content includes: CRS Reports, Key Congressional
Letters, Press Releases, Committee Reports, Markups, Prepared Testimony,
Hearing Schedules, Bills, Regulatory Reports, European Voice, Roll Call,
CongressNow and more!

For more information about the service or for a Free Trial please
contact me at (202) 438-2738 or email me at [log in to unmask]

Happy Holidays!
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