See below and I will also be sending a second message I received from this
person about alternate names for Sicilian.
I wrote him back and said that we do not provide all possible alternate
names or dialects covered by a language and pointed out the listing in

However, I thought the committee should consider whether any alternate
names should be included in 639-2 and 639-3 for Sicilian.


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Subject: ISO 639-2 Language Code Change Request

ISO 639-2 Language Code Change Request.

English name of Language:   Sicilian
French name of Language:   Sicilien
iso_639_2_b:   scn
change_requested:   Dear sirs,
I already wrote You, but after discussing again with other people, I am writing again. It is about the discussion for the name of the language of the Extremal South of Italy. It was declared as language and it includes: Calabrian (Center-South of Calabria), Salentinian and Taranto dialects (region: Puglia), Sicilian.
Now, the name of this language is Sicilian (scn), that is just one of the variants of the language.
This mean that the name \"Sicilian\" includes: Center-South Calabrian, Salentinian and Tarantinian, and also Sicilian (itself!). More details maybe in the first request I sent You.
This group of languages has other names, and after discussing with other people (from different speaking areas of this language) we think that 2 of them are good:
- Extreme Meridional Italian (\"emi\" code is not used)
- Extreme Meridional Italoromance (\"emi\" code is not used)
Most of us think that the first one is better, because it indicates geagraphically the territory of the language (it\'s a romance language, but this can be omitted in the name). The \"Extremal Meridional Italian\" name was also used by important people who studied this linguistic area. But because some people asked, I included also the second name.
Translations in italian of the names (please ignore if not useful):
- Italiano meridionale estremo (\"ime\" code)
- Italoromanzo meridionale estremo (\"ime\" code)
Thank you, and good work
Submitter's name:   Francesco Costanzo
Submitter's email :   [log in to unmask]
Submitter's status :   Speaker of the language, I am also making studies about its grammar