[Apologies for duplicate receipts.]


To AT users and other interested folks,


First, let me say that all members of the AT project staff wish you and yours a very happy winter holiday. 


Next, let me say, the AT project team has corrected some bugs that users discovered in the AT1.1 Beta Release Candidate 4 offered two weeks ago, and the project team is now releasing an upgraded and corrected version, AT 1.0.41, Release Candidate 5 (RC5), for testing by the project team and the AT user community.


RC5 can be acquired at:  The AT 1.1 beta sandbox has been upgraded to work with RC5.  Previous versions of the AT 1.1 beta will no longer work with AT 1.1 beta sandbox. 


RC5 will be tested comprehensively by the project team over the next two weeks.  Testing will be against the three database back ends supported by the application:  MySQL, MS SQL Server, and Oracle.  The application will also be tested on the MS Vista platform.  (The application can now be downloaded and installed for Vista.) 


We invite all interested persons to assist us with this testing and to help ensure that we release a very usable and endurable application.  Instructions for organizing testing and submitting test results are located at the bottom of the AT 1.1 beta web page:


Barring identification of any fatal bug(s), we anticipate RC5 will become the AT 1.1 release at the conclusion of this testing period. 


We would like to thank everybody in advance for assisting with this testing process and for your patience with the development of the AT 1.1 version. 


We would also like to apologize for taking longer than anticipated to release AT 1.1.  Transitioning from the EAD DTD to the EAD schema, building a process to support upgrading AT 1.0 data to AT 1.1 data, upgrading the application documentation, and supporting, with much pleasure, a growing community of users has required more time and effort than first estimated.


We do appreciate the great interest and support the archival community has given to the Archivists’ Toolkit throughout the past year.  We look forward to working with you during the new year.


Best wishes,


Bradley D. Westbrook

Archivists’ Toolkit Project Manager