Network Bulletin No:     07-55

Date:        December 21, 2007

Subject:     Music                                                
Index term:  Braille music scores acquisitions

NLS is pleased to announce the acquisition of a comprehensive collection of braille music scores, donated
by the National Braille Association (NBA) in August 2007.

The National Braille Association of Rochester, New York, has ended its role as a repository of braille
materials in order to focus exclusively on the training and development of braille transcribers and

Patrons will now be able to access these materials through the NLS Music Section. The NBA collection
of braille music scores consists of more than 1,200 paper and electronic-format titles, which are being
cataloged and added to the NLS__ International Union Catalog__ and will eventually be made available
through Web-Braille, the NLS braille material download site. The addition expands NLS collections and
allows continued access to NBA music materials.

The collection includes sheet music for many instruments voice, piano, guitar, flute, cello, violin,
trombone, saxophone, and clarinet and music types, from classical and popular to sacred and secular. 
This music comprises both individual songs and collections of songs, from operatic arias and Bach cello
suites to Cole Porter, Judy Collins, and Elton John.

For more information contact:    

John Hanson
Head, Music Section
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