NLS Operations Alert
no. 07-44

DATE  : December 21, 2007

TO    : Network Libraries
FROM  : John Bryant, Head of Production Control Section

Subject :      2008 Copy Allotment
Beginning with the January 2008 cycle, copy allotment will change from a default-
driven system to a quota-driven system because of both the impending transition and
budget constraints.

In early January each library will be sent notification of its annual and monthly quota of
cassette books (RC) and digital talking books (DB). The January copy allotment screen
will look much the same as it does now, except that it may include DBs as well as RCs.
Default quantities may also be reduced to more closely approximate each library's
monthly quota. Each library is required to receive a minimum of one copy of each title
in each format offered.    

Libraries may not request more books than their monthly quota. NLS will reduce the
overall quantity to equal the monthly quota for libraries who violate this requirement. If
a library requests less than its monthly quota, however, the unused RCs and DBs will
be rolled over to the next month, where they may be used or carried over again.

Beginning with the January 2008 copy allotment batch, NLS will provide each library
with a monthly report of the number of RCs and DBs it has used. This report will assist
libraries in selecting the total number of copies in the following month's copy allotment.

The Bibliographic Control Section will begin creating catalog records for digital talking
books and loading them onto Voyager in early 2008. Catalog records will be created as
titles are selected for production on flash cartridges. The records will be updated as the
books pass through production stages. Records for digital talking books will be
included in the monthly MARC distribution sets.

For more information contact:

John Bryant (re: Copy Allotment)        
Head, Production Control           
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Bob Axtell (re: Bibliographic Download)
Head, Bibliographic Control
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