LeVan,Ralph wrote:
> Iíve been giving more thought to SRU responses and have come to the 
> conclusion that the Atom Feed document should not be a mandatory 
> response format and should certainly not be the sole mandatory 
> response format.
> The problem is that Atom Feeds were not intended for dynamically 
> generated search results and have mandatory elements that are 
> important for syndicated blog feeds but are meaningless for us. 
> Specifically, they are the author, id and updated elements required on 
> every response. I can live with the mandatory title element, but the 
> others donít work.

I had responded to above issues in an earlier email on this list. See 
recap below...
What do you see as issues in the solution I proposed?

> Iím still interested in figuring out how to use Atom Feeds as a 
> possible alternative response. It is clear that there are applications 
> that want to use them. I just hope that their assumption that theyíve 
> just gotten a list of blog entries from me matches up with the userís 
> expectation that they just got a list of documents.

Farrukh Najmi wrote:
> Dr R. Sanderson wrote:
>> On Tue, 13 Nov 2007, Ray Denenberg, Library of Congress wrote:
>>> Let's see if this comes out better. A sample response record in ATOM:
>> As Ross points out, ATOM has some requirements for validation. In 
>> particular there's quite a few mandatory elements both at the feed 
>> level and the entry level which aren't quite so easy to map into the 
>> SRU response while retaining the ATOM semantics, or without adding 
>> extra requirements to implementers. For example the updated time for 
>> the record.
>> Rob
> There are only a handful of mandatory properties AFAIK.
> Implementations typically should know when a record is updated. The 
> search-ws spec can specify that implementations that do not have this 
> ability use a fixed time that can never be used in reality (e.g. 
> 1900-00-00T00:00:00Z ).
> Other mandatory values like those below can be required to have a 
> value of "Unknown" if implementations do not support this.
> /atom:feed/atom:entry/atom:title
> /atom:feed/atom:author/atom:name
> /atom:feed/atom:author/atom:email

Farrukh Najmi