It is probably bad protocol to answer your own message on a mailing 
list, but...

I received a very generous answer to my question from the author 
mentioned below.

His immediate response was to modify his tool so if one drops more 
than one file on the program box, it will write MD5 files for all 
files dropped to the same folder as the original files. Very cool and 
THANKS, Daniel!



At 12:05 PM 2008-01-19, I wrote:
>I am starting to generate an MD5 hash of the files that I deliver by 
>ftp and was wondering which MD5 hash generators are popular.
>I found a pretty neet one-file-at-a-time applet that will generate a 
>companion ".md5" file which is good for my workflow.
>I would like a batch generator that would place each hash into a 
>separate text file with the complete filename and the extension md5 added.

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