At 07:39 PM 2008-01-02, phillip holmes wrote:
>I prefer ribbons.  There are some spectacular recordings on Vox that 
>were done with ribbons.  They can be bright, but the impact and 
>transparency are pretty incredible with a ribbon.

Hello, Phillip,

The AEA stereo ribbon and the Royer SF-12 are both superb tools for 
capturing exciting sounds.

I am sore tempted by the SF-12. I am no longer tempted by any of the 
mainstream stereo large-diaphragm condenser mics.

My main recording setup is a pair of DPA 4006-TLs and after working 
through 13+ hours of recording from a variety of church services with 
the director of music (we skipped the sermons and the readings this 
time through), we have almost completely used JUST the stereo pair of 
DPAs for everything that made the final cut.

The exceptions are three rousing hymns where we've chosen to subtly 
mix in the ORTF pair of AKG C451s that we had close-in on the choir, 
after pulling the mics about 25 ms later in the mix (to match their 
distance apart).



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