At 09:42 PM 2008-01-07, Richard L. Hess wrote:

One more data point for tonight...

An 80-minute MAM-A gold archive CD just burned at 16x showed 3.8 
Avg/sec and 21 Max/second C1 errors.

This is much worse than the silver one burned a few weeks ago in the 
same drive, but better than the 32x burn by a bit. The Real time and 
32x are gold, the 16x is silver.

                         Real Time       16x Ag         16x Au           32x
C1 avg/sec           6.5                 0.7            3.8             4.7
C1 Max/sec          36.0                 18            21               28

There are two possibilities with the gold (Au) disk.
   (1) The silver is higher reflectance = fewer errors
   (2) The silver is from an older batch (I think several years)
          and the coating is thicker than the contemporary
          see-through-the-gold MAM-A Archival discs.

While actually none of these is evil, the differences are surprising 
on one level and not on others.



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