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I'm just curious - what can I distinguish shellac 78rpms from
other thick vinyl-made 78rpms, not only by reading labels saying
such as "Merco Plastic" or "Non-breakable"?

The last era of vinyl 78rpms can be easily distinguished just
because they are very thin and flexible. But other type of vinyl 78rpms,
as well as very early LPs, are not flexible and rather thick.
I've been wondering whether the last era of thick 78rpms (late 1950s
to early 1960s, for example) are actually made either of shellac
or thick vinyl.

At Fri, 4 Jan 2008 19:15:51 -0500,
Tom Fine wrote:
> What's the history of vinyl 78's? I have a small pile from I think the very early 50's, these are 
> pop and country tunes. Was vinyl used for 78's in any mass quantities previous to when vinyl LPs 
> were mass-manufactured? The "newest" vinyl 78's I know of are kiddie records pressed in the 
> mid-60's. Aside from novelty stuff, was the medium used after the mid-60's?
> Thanks for the coming history lesson!
> -- Tom Fine

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