From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad

Richard Hess wrote:
> MAM-A is releasing 80-minute gold archival CD-Rs and, unfortunately, 
> the Canadian stocking distributor is no longer carrying the 74-minute 
> ones. It still doesn't solve the problem of the C90 transfer which 
> ends up on two CD-Rs in a single jewel case.

----- I have a heretic question:

 - dependent on the use, why not increase the speed of the cassette in a 
calibrated way while transferring (squeezing 90 minutes onto 80 minutes) and 
use the varispeed on your replay CD machine? On the other hand, using just 45 
minutes on the CD will leave a good marginal area that is unrecorded on both 
CDs, so they will not mind writing of readable information.

----- one good reply is that the squeezing is 12.5%, while the range of the 
varispeed only is -12.0%. Oh, well, almost there.

- my first contribution for 2008, thinking out loud (a lot of you do on this 
list, you know!)

Kind regards,