David -- I hope your message is forwarded with this.

  The 1949 Rhine Journey: I don't believe it did appear on Victrola, but 
since I haven't checked I can't be sure. The 1941 Victor 78s were never 
transferred until the Toscanini CD edition around 1991. Then there's the live Rhine 
Journey from 1941  -- the one of part of the Prologue with Traubel and Melchior, 
yes (or did you mean another)? And then.... AT did this selection a lot, as he 
did with Wagner in general.

  Many Victrola Toscanini releases had excellent sound, better than a number 
of the Red Seal predecessors and in some cases better than the big CD set. All 
one had to do toward the end of the Victrola series was search around for 
mono copies rather than the ghastly electronic stereo counterparts. That took a 
bit of work.

  Total agreement about the inferior sound in LM-6020. But I'll never forget 
how thrilled, overwhelmed I was to own that set as a boy around 1957. A 
different issue, of course!

  By the way, the late John Wilson had a Toscanini website with a 
discography. It doesn't seem that he listed 78 and LP numbers, but I could be wrong about 
that. The web address is

  It has much interesting information. 

  Don Tait


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