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> Does anyone sell cactus needles anymore? Can those types be used in an
original Victrola machine
> (pre-RCA)? No, I don't play good condition 78's on this thing, I have a whole
box of Salvation Army
> 5 cent disks to play on it, but I'm wondering if a cactus needle is slightly
gentler? Does it sound
> any better?
I'm not sure if anyone is actually MANUFACTURING "thorn" (aka "cactus"
78 needles...but there may be some NOS originals, as well as the
sharpeners used to maintain them...?!

It seems to me that this type of needle would be easier on the records,
though I can't make any experience-based comments here. A couple of
things worth noting...

1) Playing electric records on an acoustic machine will always produce
a worse sound...

2) If the records are REALLY "well-worn" they could cause wear and
tear on the thorn needles (my guess...!)...

Steven C. Barr