On Wednesday, January 23, 2008 10:00 PM, D P Ingram wrote:
> On a tangent, anyone know of any cleaning brushes for 16"... 
> obviously too big for my VPI machine so had thought to place 
> on turntable and then clean there but would be good to get 
> more precise equipment than what I currently use...
> Darren

I can also vouch for and recommend the Disc Doctor brushes 
and solutions.  The "E" brush is for 16-inch discs.

Just a note - if you clean the 16-inch discs on a turntable,
and the turntable platter is 12 inches in diameter, take 
care not to put too much pressure on the outer diameter of 
the disc.  If the disc is glass, you might accidentally 
crack the substrate, and if aluminum, you might accidentally
bend the substrate.

Because we work regularly with 16-inch discs, we have a 
Keith Monks record cleaning machine which is designed for
16-inch discs, and we have specially made 16-inch support
platters for disc cleaning (we designed and had these 
platters manufactured).

In addition, our turntable (a Simon Yorke S7) has a 20-inch
platter so that discs are fully supported during playback.

I also recommend a 16-inch support platter for playback of
16-inch discs because the unsupported edge of the disc can
resonate, and this will influence the tone of the sound of
the outer grooves, particularly if the recording is music.

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