To all those who keep missing the point..

I want CHEAP sleeves! A couple of thousand paper sleeves, not archival quality, 
just sleeves with holes and good enough to house the thousands of homeless 
vinyl transcription library discs that need them. When I want archival quality 
sleeves, for the rare discs which I will clean and want to house properly, I 
know where to look. What I do not want is an oversized envelope, with a flap 
and with no label hole, although that's a better-than-nothing solution (except 
for the potential problem of the seam up the middle).

Incidentally, I've had a potentially positive response to this request from one 
dealer, but he'd have to have a large minimum order. Who'd be interested?


Howard Friedman wrote:
> To Andy,
> Have you tried Kurt Nauck's Disc-O-Files?  Come in all sizes, website  16 inch size is 85 cents.  Best quality sleeves in the business!
> Howard Friedman