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> Does anyone make a CD-R that records 90 minutes, rather than 80?

There have been blanks with nearly 100-minute capacity. Unfortunately, 
the error rate goes up at truly remarkable speed as the recordable 
length increases, more and more players balk as the spiral gets tighter, 
and so on.

I was asked to test some blanks from an American company (!) which was 
considering releasing 95-minute media. My recommendation was that while 
they were better than any other discs with 90-minute capacity or more, 
the error rates so exceeded spec and playability was so low that they 
should definitely not be warranted at all. They were not released.

Note that the increase in error rate and decrease in playability applies 
as well for 80- compared with 74-minute blanks and for 74- versus 
63-minute. I have not checked recently, but historically archival CD-Rs 
were available only in 63-minute (now rare if available at all) and 
74-minute capacities.

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