Richard L. Hess wrote:

> I had used enough of the 80-minute ones without incident for specific 
> projects that I've rolled over and played dead instead of fighting this 
> one with the distributor. It appears that all the people who are using 
> the archival CD-R that at least these folks are supplying, are migrating 
> to the 80-minute ones.
> I'm actually moving away from CD-R and going to DVD-R with files or 
> uploads.

With Plextools and my Plexwriters, I can determine both C1 and C2 error 
rates (CD-R only; unfortunately, not available with DVD recording). I've 
not tried MAM-A gold 80s; if I could get one or two to test rather than 
a quantity, I would do it out of curiosity. For my 'archives' - very 
unofficial ones - I'm happy with using two different media which test 
well, branded Taiyo-Yuden and whatever else is handy.

It seems extremely difficult to test DVD recordings with consumer gear. 
That does inhibit me a bit on archiving with them, but again I use two 
different media for each master - and keep my fingers crossed. So far, 
no problems but in time I may well lose something of value. That's the 
price of convenience, I'm afraid.

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