Happy New Year to you as well...I always expect you to come back with  
a rational answer.

I just look at my pile of floppy discs, etc. and get concerned. You  
know where I'm coming from (digital music = data, and we have to  
treat it as such). I agree with you that the media probably won't  
break - but will the hardware be available to play it back.....

Trust you are doing well, and hope the list has a Happy New Year as  


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On Jan 5, 2008, at 7:36 PM, Richard L. Hess wrote:

> At 08:11 PM 2008-01-05, John Spencer wrote:
>> Richard (and more so to Mr. Friedman),
>> Do we have any concrete expectations that CD drives will be available
>> in 50 years? Please point me to the information that guarantees that,
>> I would be happy to be reassured that CD drives will be available
>> then. I tend to be much more pessimistic about hardware/ software
>> availability given the 50-year target mentioned.
> Hi, John,
> Happy New Year!
> I think we'll be in as good or better shape playing back CDs in 50  
> years as we will be playing back reel tapes in 35-40 years which is  
> approx the 50-year time frame that LoC was still advocating  
> transfers to 2-track tapes.
> There are just too many, and they're not going to all break.
> As with any media, as the supply of machines dries up it's the  
> archive's responsibility to migrate/reformat before they cannot. I  
> think we've had this discussion before <smile>.
> Cheers,
> Richard
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