On Monday, January 07, 2008 11:54 AM, Richard L. Hess wrote:
> Care to try the test?

Ah, I didn't realize that it was your test - I thought it was a
third party.

I lack an APR and A80 to test with!  It might be interesting to
digitize the transfers from the three machines and make segments
of the WAV files available.  I'd love to hear them, and would 
be happy to pay for materials and postage.

It might be interesting to run the same tape on a volunteer A820
and generate a WAV file for auditioning against the A80, A810 and
APR.  I'd be happy to do this, although the transfer chain will
not be exactly identical (ie. ADC and cable).

> The next test will be to make head cables that will permit the 
> A810 electronics to be used with the A80 transport and 
> vice-versa. This would permit us to better isolate the 
> electronics-vs-transport question.

Yes, this would be an interesting test comparison.  Digitizing
the results would be helpful as well.

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