Fwiw, I have gotten similar-to-worse results using "digital audio"
(1x-rated) CD-R in a 1x-2x burner with a 1x application (SonicStudio HD
1.9.1) than when using 2x-48x-rated T-Y data discs at 1x.  Go figure.  My
drive is a Plextor PX-4220 on an Adaptec 39160 Ultra160 SCSI accelerator
     Of course, you should make a coaster out of a disc with any C2s (at
least on any disc which merited error-checking in the first place).  But
someone else in this thread mentioned that there is a difference between a
good master burn and a good reference burn.  The master should have the
least number of C1s and no C2s (and therefore no CUs).  Whereas the
reference might actually sound better - at least on cheap CD players, using
built-in DACs, if the Prism paper by Dr. Dunn " An Investigation Of The
Sonic Differences Between Numerically Identical Compact Discs" is correct,
because, as our poster wrote, there is reason to believe that better
reflectivity of slower burning will cause fewer servo arm-induced sidebands
in the internal playback clock... C2 errors are correctable (after all), and
CU's are concealable (sometimes).


On 1/7/08 9:42 PM, "Richard L. Hess" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> We learned a bit today...a rule of thumb would be that about 50 C1
> errors per second would be acceptable (i.e. in spec) if we use the
> ratio of the Plextor error count vs. the unit Parker was talking
> about. The limit in the spec being 220 and the Plexwriter Premium
> reading from 2-4x lower.
> I took another 80-minute MAM-A Archive gold CD-R and burned 40
> minutes of music on it and obtained the following results:
> PASS ONE on the Plexwriter Premium
> C1:  6.5 avg/sec, 37.0 Max/sec
> C2:  0 avg/sec, 11.0 Max/sec, total 56 out of 40 minutes
> CU:  0
> PASS TWO on the Plexwriter Premium - disc rotated slightly in tray
> between tests
> C1:  6.5 avg/sec, 36.0 Max/sec
> C2:  0 avg/sec, 11.0 Max/sec, total 57 out of 40 minutes
> CU:  0
> In both instances there was an error spike about 34 minutes in.
> PASS THREE after quick cleaning (there was a smudge on the disc)
> C1:  6.5 avg/sec, 36.0 Max/sec
> C2:  0  avg/sec, 7.0 Max/sec, total 44 out of 40 minutes.
> CU:  0
> So perhaps the smudge was put there when I put it in the audio CD
> writer, but it's interesting to summarize:
>                          Real Time       16x             32x
> C1 avg/sec           6.5                 0.7            4.7
> C1 Max/sec          36.0                 18             28
> I will write off the C2 error to dirt on the disc while writing.
> This is in keeping with what I heard from my client about real-time
> recording on modern data discs, so yes, to the person who asked me, I
> concur that if you're burning in real time to CD-R that using the
> "audio" discs is an important choice if indeed they truly are
> optimized to 1-4x burning.
> The drives I have do not offer anything between 16x and 32x, sorry,
> no 24x. This is the same in Samplitude and Nero with the Burning ROM
> advanced software and on multiple Plexwriter PX-708A and PX-716A
> (IIRC, I have two of each scattered about). The Plextor Premium does
> offer 24x, but I only have one of those as I burn a mix of DVDs and
> CDs in the studio. The Premium is in the office for this type of
> evaluation work, along with a 708A.
> I really wish all my clients had managed servers I could upload to.
> As I've said, more and more of my clients are able to work this way.
> Cutting out the mailed optical media is just fine with me.
> Cheers,
> Richard
> At 01:37 AM 2008-01-07, Richard L. Hess wrote:
>> I ran two tests tonight, both using a Plexwriter PX-716A CD/DVD
>> writer as the writer and a Plexwriter Premium CD writer as the
>> reader using the PlexTools evaluation software.
>> They offer three error rates which they call
>> C1 which is, I believe, the sum of the E11+E12+E13 errors (it's
>> definitely these errors
>>       I am just not 100% clear as to the arithmetic process they
>> use to combine them.
>> C2 which corresponds to E22
>> CU which corresponds to E32
>> One CD was a MAM-A gold archive CD written at 32X (now that
>> Samplitude supports BurnProof, I thought I'd give this a try).
>> C1:  4.7 avg/sec, 28.0 Max/sec
>> C2:  0
>> CU:  0
>> Another CD was a MAM-A silver CD written in the same drive a week or
>> two ago at 16X.
>> C1:  0.7 avg/sec, 18.0 Max/sec
>> C2:  0
>> CU:  0
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