OK, thanks! I'll start prowling the club listings probably in early March and see what's what.


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Hi Cary,?
I trust you've received some responses already, but here's one local's recommendations:?
bix is a pretty swank supper club not too far from annie's. not cheap, but reportedly some of the finest martinis in the city. most likely to have trad jazz too.?
also in the approximate neighborhood is bacar restaurant, which hosts "classic modern" jazz at least twice a week. drummer donald bailey (he has a serious history including being jimmy smith's drummer of choice) may still have a residency there. it's huge and there's a lounge too. also $$ though.?
and up on fillmore, rassela's and the newly opened yoshi's are fulltime jazz venues, but pretty out of the way (and one is very unlikely to hear a lick of turk murphy around there either). personally i'd go for the empress of china or the tonga room, neither have changed much since the days of earthquake mcgoon's.?
good luck!?
franz kunst?
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> Steve Abrams has informed me that the restaurant/jazz club on Annie > Street in San Francisco, the former site of the legendary Dawn Club, > is no more. If anyone in the area knows of a likely spot where we can > dine and listen to some good SF traditional jazz during the ARSC > conference weekend, please let me know.?
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