What book is that ?


David Lennick <[log in to unmask]> wrote: So there was the Webster Library of the World's Greatest Music, and there was 
the Standard Treasury of the World's Greatest Music. Each with 16 records which 
you had to keep coming back and buying because one work would be continued on 
next week's disc, and each one eventually ending up in a binder. I have a half 
Webster set and a complete Standard set, and until I looked at both (in my 
lockup) I thought they were the same. Definitely not. The Webster set is 
obviously from Remingtons, but where did the Standard source come from? Vox? 
Vanguard? Concert Hall? Any source they could find? All remastered and pressed 
by RCA, by the way.

I suspect David Bonner will have the answer (and I suspect that it might be in 
his fabulous book about YPR, which has already surprised me on many other topics).


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