Discographies that include 78s are all over the web.Usually they are artist,in the case of classical music,or music specific,like in jazz or calypso.Here are some of the best discographical sites I have found,Better than a lot of books that are out there:
Arguably the best such site on the web.

You can also pick and choose here:


"Steven C. Barr(x)" <[log in to unmask]> wrote: see end.. 
Some years ago, Steve Abrams sent me, on CD-R, his .C8T and .MX
files...which I posted to a then-free web operation I had read
about...CommunityZero. I hoped that there would be much more
interest...and many more corrections...than I actually saw.
After a very few months, CommunityZero became a "pay to play"
operation...which ended my connection with the process.

In the meantime, Ty Settlemeir has "HTML-ized" many of the "Abrams
Files," and has them on a web site. To my way of thinking, it would
be not only possible but SIMPLE for folks who own 78's to check
these pages against their holdings...and provide correction and/or
amendment where it seems necessary!

Keep in mind that these files essentially provide NO information
on classical recordings...on "non-discographized" records (i.e.
not dance, jazz, blues or (now) country...) and on most post-
1942 records.

I have NO idea how many 78's would be included among the total
holdings of collections (private AND institutional...!)...however,
I would guess it would be WELL over my paltry holdings of 50,000+!

Thus, if each party responsible for a "collection of 78's" (anywhere
from one to a few MILLION...?!) could/would enter the data therefrom
on some sort of either a web-accessible facility or in a digital
data file...all of these could be combined, with the result being
a sort of "78rpm wikidatabase!"

I have seen inquiries about single specific 78rpm phonorecords pop
up (more often on 78-L than ARSCLIST), which usually result in
knowledgeable replies...can we do this with large quantities of

I MAY still have an application I created using VB6, which allows
the creation and editing of the 160-byte text-based data files
which Abrams originally invented...

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