This topic comes up here all of the time,apparently there are not that many serious R&B/early rock record collectors here.78s were pressed,in the US foor commercial sale,until 1958.However,there were still a lot of jukebox owners,at this time,that still had 78 machines.A lot of the smaller labels would press 78s,in batches of a few hundred copies,for operators of said jukeboxes.This pactice stopped in 1961 sometime.

here are the countries I am aware of that pressed 78s after the uS,followed byt the last year they pressed them:

UK/Canada 1959

South Africa 1962 (?)

Turkey 1963

Argentina/Uruguay/Chile - 1964 
I have a stereo 78 sleeve from an unidentified South American country,from the early 60s.

Philippines  1965 

India 1966 (I can personally attest to seeing,but not owning,1966 RCA Gold Standard 78s,from India.)

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Tom Fine <[log in to unmask]> wrote: What's the history of vinyl 78's? I have a small pile from I think the very early 50's, these are 
pop and country tunes. Was vinyl used for 78's in any mass quantities previous to when vinyl LPs 
were mass-manufactured? The "newest" vinyl 78's I know of are kiddie records pressed in the 
mid-60's. Aside from novelty stuff, was the medium used after the mid-60's?

Thanks for the coming history lesson!

-- Tom Fine

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