There were a few titles issued on London (like this one),and not issued at the same time on Decca.I wasn't aware this was one of them.My heart is giving me a lot of pain (again),so I am not about to start lifting boxes,to give you the @##$$%^& LL catalog number.


Don Cox <[log in to unmask]> wrote: On 10/01/08, David Lennick wrote:
> Was Erich Kleiber's Vienna Philharmonic recording of Beethoven's
> Eroica Symphony ever issued on Decca LXT 5064? WERM Supplement 3 says
> it was assigned that number but may not have been placed on sale, and
> I don't find a London listing for it anywhere in the 50s. Was Ace of
> Clubs ACL 35 its first issue?
> dl

ACL 35 is reviewed in The Gramophone, May 1959. The reviewer says this
is the first issue, and that the record was announced in 1956 but "has
never till now appeared".

So I think you can stop looking for LXT 5064.

Don Cox
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