From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad

oh-oh, I am caught up in one of those exchanges that puts somebody else off, 
but it is fun for those involved while it lasts.

Frank B Strauss wrote, quoting me:

>  The only serious problem is that the
> > bearings are not really made to take the sideways force, so lubricate
> well
> > and use it infrequently.

> Thanks for that George.  The two major items for sustenance of life are
> duct
> tape and WD-40.  If it moves and isn't supposed to, duct tape it, if it
> doesn't and is supposed to, use WD-40.  I'm sure WD-40 would be perfect
> for
> sideways force lubrication (SFL).  It is also very nice for soothing sore
> muscles.  I have a lovely old Diamond Disc player that blew a spring a few
> years ago, and it took quite a bit of searching before I found a person
> with
> a replacement spring and the ability to install it.
> -- 

----- those in the US may not know it well, but the CitroŽn 2CV was a 
marvellous car, and we had 3 of them consecutively. That was a car with lots 
of possibilities for private repairs, for instance the engine could be lifted 
out single-handedly. Brake drums you could grind, if you reversed them on the 
output shaft and blocked the other wheel. I would have loved to have duct 
tape, but I did use Molybdenum Disulphate a lot.

----- but seriously, I do know that getting a proper replacement spring for 
early phonographs and gramophones is very difficult. The supporting industry 
is no longer around.

Kind regards,