I'm working at an institution with a large number of analog recordings that
have been digitized and reside on audio CDs (as opposed to data files on
CD). When I say large I mean in the thousands. We're now interested in
migrating the audio to a "dark archive" - backed up storage.

I'm looking for software that will extract the audio from CD and copy it
into the dark archive. With such a large volume of recordings we're hoping
to automate as much of the process as possible. We have a robot copier that
can copy two CDs simultaneously, but the software creates a new file for
each track on the CD rather than copying the disc at once. Also, the
software does not generate a log for each CD copied or session of copying.
The log is helpful in understanding where errors may have occurred.

We're looking for software that would automate the functions of an
application like Plextor's PlexTools or Exact Audio copy.

Any suggestions? 

Thanks in advance for your help.

John Blythe