BTW, I wish I could say I had any of those records, but I don't.


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Hi, all,

I know, I'm probably WAY out of line with this request, since it doesn't
fit any subject here.  But can anyone out there tell me anything about
the violinist/leader of the Trocadero Grill Orchestra, which was working
in London on Wardour Street behind Piccadilly, in the late 1890s and
early 1900s?  He recorded quite a few records under Fred Gaisberg,
including probably the first issued 10-inch disc.  I am looking
particularly for his recording of the Andante movement of Mendelssohn's
Violin Concerto.  Fred Gaisberg gives his first name as Leopold, Alan
Kelly says Jacques, which is probably correct, but his record labels all
say G. Jacobs.

All assistance greatfully received and acknowledged.

Howard Friedman