Sony offered a PCM(?) based device for just this function- I can't
remember the model number. It used the video headwheel to record the
signal in the same format as the video but without the video, of course.
I feel as thought I could have once written a book on maintaining Sony
U-matic machines as I did it for so long in a previous employment
Especially when it came to inter machine compatibility after the
machines componentry aged. 

When I left the department around 2003, sticky shed had begun to raise
its' ugly head. Not that the two had anything to do with each other.
We used Fuji and 3m tape.



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Hello all,

For a curriculum module for NYU's Moving Image Archiving and
Preservation program, I'm researching the use of and preservation issues
related to 3/4" U-Matic videotape. As part of the research, I'm also
looking into U-matic's use as an audio mastering format.

If there's anyone on the list who's had experience with the
format--either during its days as a master format, or remastering
material today from U-matic sources, I'd appreciate it if you contacted
me off-list for a few questions.

Thanks in advance,

Jeff Martin
Washington, DC