What type of machine actually made the recordings used for the test ? I
would think that the small variations in the original record
characteristics might lead to more or less tracking errors in the Dolby
A decoders, when compounded by the playback characteristics of the
different machines. Why use Dolby tapes at all ? Also, did you try 30
ips as well..?

Just curious as to your reasoning on these points, I'm not


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At 01:55 PM 2008-01-07, Eric Jacobs wrote:
>On Monday, December 31, 2007 1:08 PM Richard L. Hess wrote:
> > The A810 didn't fare as well in a shootout with the Studer A80RC as 
> > I had hoped.
>Is there any report from this shootout?  For example, what do they 
>compare and how was the test conducted?  Were the tests qualitative or 

Hello, Eric,

The shootout compared sections of two master tapes (15 in/s Dolby A)
played on three different machines:
A80 RC
A810 with Trafoless output cards
APR-5003 with wideface Applied Magnetics heads

The files were labelled A B Cn

The listeners did not know which file was which machine.

The A80 won with the half dozen or so listeners.
The APR won with one listener on one of the two selections The A810 did
not win with anyone.

Care to try the test?

The next test will be to make head cables that will permit the A810
electronics to be used with the A80 transport and vice-versa. This would
permit us to better isolate the electronics-vs-transport question.



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