We located a box with 4 glass based records. Initial investigation shows
that they are speeches from the 1940's. I am not familiar with this type
of media.

2 - are 78's and have been transferred to cassette in 1988. The glass
recordings seem okay at first glance (novice opinion). I did not pull
the records out of the sleeves. The cassettes are in questionable
condition (dirt w/ possible rust). 

2 - are very large 33 1/3, they have not been transferred. One has
extreme flaking of the top coating as I looked into the sleeve. The
second one, I did not even look at, as I did not want to disturb the
recordings more than necessary.

All 4 are stored in acid free sleeves, but it a box so large that they
slide around.

I have closed the box and asked everyone not to touch or move the box.  

Could anyone recommend what to do next? Our goal would be preserve and
transfer the sound track if possible. I would like to know how to store
or re-box these items to stabilize their condition right now. I would
then work on finding a lab to transfer the recordings to a usable media.
Is it even possible to save the two 33 1/3 recordings? 

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

Linda Reib
Electronic Records Archivist
History and Archives Division
Arizona State Library, Archives, and Public Records
1700 West Washington, Suite 342
Phoenix, AZ 85007